Riverhead Adventures Results 2013
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Riverhead Adventures Results 2013

17th Riverhead Adventures 50km run, 30km run and 30km walk results.

50 people entered the No Frills event which was held on a mild, at times humid and showery Easter Saturday, March 30th 2013.

Riverhead Forest had been closed due to a total fire ban which was lifted on the Monday prior to the event. We were allowed to go ahead on the condition that the roving Assistant Director in the forest carried a 1kg fire extinguisher. Exactly what that would achieve in the event of a fire we don't know! Fortunately there were no problems.

Anthony Ng won the Men's 50km and Amy Campbell won the Women's 50km.

Special mention should be made of the drink station festooned with prayer flags and the drinks station with lots of delicious sweets beautifully laid out.

No one got lost in the forest but a runner went the wrong way near the finish. One gentleman gave up his own run to walk with his wife.

Our gutsiest competitor visitng from Thailand had never walked anywhere near30km in his life and finished last but with a big smile.

Thanks to Shaun Cooper who helped set the course and Carolynn Tassie, Jenny Williams, Samantha Robson, Dan Grieg and friend, Arian Vitali, Lorraine Steele, Hilary Boyd and Diane Hampton who helped on the day.

Our thanks to Simon Clendon, NZUA webmaster for his assistance.

50km Run Men

Anthony Ng 3.59.11 1st
Jarrod Newell 3.59.33 2nd
Guy Robson 4.03.44 3rd
Wayne Botha 4.06.45
Sam Bridger 4.13.42
Scott Hillman 4.29.00
Chris Horrocks 4.35.47
Eugene Bingham 4.37.26
Andrew Howse 4.37.33
Matthew Orange 4.43.15
Matthew Stewart 4.49.56
Dave Nunez 5.15.50
Rowan O'Connor 5.24.43
Simon Clendon 5.38.32
Winston Sweatman 6.03.37

50km Run Women

Amy Campbell 4.37.33 1st

30km Run Men

Grant Winwood 2.12.53 1st
Leo Rimmer 2.21.21 2nd
Mark Hassall 2.32.36 3rd
Simon Walters 2.38.53
Neil Dreadon 2.39.08
Greg Barker 2.44.28
Daniel Nicholson 2.48.51
Michael Brassem 2.56.00
Daniel Aldersley 2.57.49
Adrian Farnham 3.02.55
Andrew Martin 3.03.28
Alan Janes 3.12.39
Harvey Ho 3.30.03
Mark Stevens 3.32.57
Ronnie Colle 3.35.27
Philip Hansen 4.06.15
Stephen Lathole 4.14.53

30km Run Women

Eve Stanley 2.42.33 1st
Amanda Wilson 2.55.20 2nd
Anne Elliott 2.58.53 3rd
Caron Lynn 3.19.01
Anel McInnes 3.20.37
Sheree Haynes 3.27.42
Anna Smyth 3.38.31
Anita Ballantyne 3.49.13

30km Walk Women/Men (Unjudged)

John O'Donnell 3.56.10 run/walk
Graeme Stanley 3.56.10 run/walk
Deborah Nesti 4.08.02 1st
Linda Law 4.37.35 2nd
Garth Barfoot 4.38.31 run/walk
Gary Wood 4.43.52
David Hamilton 4.44.34
Emily Lathole 5.14.53
Geeta Purmpul 6.06.27

Results provided by Gary Regtien, Race Director

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