Riverhead Adventures Results 2012
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Riverhead Adventures Results 2012

16th Riverhead Adventures 50km run, 30km run and 30km walk results.

37 people entered the No Frills event which was held on a beautiful, sunny Easter Monday 9th April 2012

Eugene Bingham won the Men's 50km and Jenny Williams won the Women's 50km for the 3rd year in a row.

Despite the course being well marked with signage and bright pink arrows a competitor got lost but fortunately was put on course again and toughed out the 50km.

The Good Samaritan award went to Lynley Tulloch who helped the runner who got lost.

Thanks to Shaun Cooper who helped set the course and Carole Walton, Scott Massey, Carolyn Tassie, Sue and John Hobson, Dan Greig, Guy Robson, Jim Maunsell and Diane Hampton who helped on the day.

50km Run Men

Eugene Bingham 3.49.04 1st
Jeremy Moody 3.51.45 2nd
Wayne Botha 4.13.06 3rd
Andrew Scheepers 4.14.54
Michael Zo 4.32.15
Stephen Hodgson 4.45.18
Mark Eustace 4.55.12
Chris Hope 5.18.30
Anthony Bus 5.18.48
Owen Frentz 5.37.06
Andrew McManus 5.43.10
Cieran Marshall 6.25.56
Jared McGregor DNF

50km Run Women

Jenny Williams 4.50.57 1st
Chloe Vincent 6.07.58 2nd

30km Run Men

Ed Hyde 2.05.20 1st
Kevin Barber 2.27.44 2nd
Peter Reid 2.45.28 3rd
Graeme Stanley 3.04.06
Graeme Collett 3.07.54
Joseph D'Ambrosio 3.14.30
Wayne Knight 4.12.00

30km Run Women

Eve Stanley 2.46.55 1st
Chantal Whitby 2.59.25 2nd
Claire Rymer 3.10.15 3rd
Mary Lochhead 3.12.06
Jill Bishop 3.12.06
Lynley Tulloch 3.20.15
Diane Knight 4.12.00

30km Walk Women/Men (Unjudged)

Linda Law 4.22.31 1st
David Hamilton 4.40.42
John O'Donnell 4.49.18
Hilary Boyd 4.55.34
Noeleen Booth 4.58.43
John Broderick 4.58.43
Tonia Duff 5.06.05
Michael Law 5.17.02

Results provided by Gary Regtien, Race Director

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