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Weekly Newsletter 7 August 2018

This week's newsletter has my interview with Run 2 PB, interesting articles and some location changes for events. And don't forget to check out our membership system here.

Interesting articles

Interview with Run 2 PB
I was interviewed by online running coach Zac Newman to learn more about the Running Calendar, how it works, and what makes me tick.

Half Marathon triple-stroller pushing record shattered
Cynthia Arnold from Polson, Montana finished the Missoula Marathon's half marathon in 1:29:08 while pushing her 3 kids in a stroller! Check out the amazing photo of her in this article at Runners World.

How to wash your running gear
The Guardian's Running Blog talks to appliance manufacturer Miele for advice on the most common runners' laundry conundrums in this interview.

Top navigation tips for success at your first event
Endurance athlete and navigation coach Marcus Scotney shares his top beginner map reading tips, including the basics of how to use a compass in this video at YouTube. Now go find a navigation event here, including this weekend's TrailNav Challenge at Shakespear Park by Lactic Turkey.

Recently added and updated events

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the recent updates page regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates (see below) such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And check out the full calendar of upcoming events.

Location changes
- The 4th event in the new Wild Auckland series is now at Muriwai (9 December)
- Women's Half Marathon is based at Mission Bay in 2019 (30 June), not at Queen's Wharf as it was this year
- The Auckland Harbour Crossing is now Swim the Bridge and based from each end of the Harbour Bridge (6 April)

Until next week

Have a great running week!