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Weekly Newsletter 6 June 2018

This week's newsletter has interesting articles, our new Run Nation Film Festival competition, and the late addition of the Marohemo Mud Run in Northland to the running calendar.

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Interesting articles

How to change your life in a million hard steps
Overweight and lacking ambition Dwight Grieve wanted more, he wanted to do something his young family would be proud of. So he changed his life, joining the police and taking up running. In September Grieve will don the black singlet of New Zealand for the first time when he represents New Zealand at the world mountain running championships in Andorra. Find out more in this article at Southland Sport.

Why the 5+ hour marathoner and the 14+ hour Ironman are my heroes
David Allison at Athlinks writes: "I"m a pretty fast guy for a non-elite runner ... [but] what I'm really amazed at are the people who work their asses off to break a 6-hour marathon or 15-hours in an Ironman - these are my endurance heroes!" Find out more in this blog post at Athlinks.

Extreme athlete Steve Gurney opens up about his 20-year battle with depression
June is Men's Health Month, and Multiple Coast to Coast race winner Steve Gurney is speaking out about his 20-year battle with depression in a bid to help change the stigma around mental health. Find out more in this article at the NZ Herald.

What it's like to run a 5K completely naked
Naomi Teeter participated in a naked 5K fun run and writes about the finish line experience "Hundreds of naked people applauded, and a camera snapped a picture as I awkwardly stood there in shock on a hot summer day at a nudist ranch. This was real life. My real life. How did I get here?" Find out how in this article at Delish, and what she took away from it.

Recently added and updated events

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the recent updates page regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates (see below) such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And check out the full calendar of upcoming events.

Late additions
- Marohemo Mud Run in Northland on 17 June

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