Weekly Newsletter 8 May 2018

This week's newsletter has interesting articles and a date correction for the Kanuka Killer Trail Run.

Interesting articles

'For an old girl, I’m not bad!'
West Coast Police Officer Mel Aitken will be representing New Zealand at the Trail Running World Champs in Spain next weekend (running 85km with 5000 metres of elevation), and used last weekend's Rotorua Half Marathon as a chance to warm up and casually do some speed training! Find out more in this article/video at TVNZ.

5 workouts to help you get that 5K PB
Feel like you’re in a rut with your training and looking for a few new workouts to spice things up this spring? This article at Training Peaks has a few workouts to shake things up and get your body primed for improved speed over shorter-distance races like the 5K.

The socially awkward habits of runners
Great Britain representative Louise Damen writes: "Whilst spectating at a local road race recently, I was able to engage in several hours of high quality people-watching and it dawned upon me that at times, the behaviour of runners can be quite frankly odd!" She then goes on to list four of these habits in this post at realbuzz.

Don’t stress out: understanding training stress
Running coaches around the world have built successful training programs based on the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) model, which is a theory of stress developed in the 1940s. By incrementally introducing stress in the form of running workouts and allowing adequate recovery, the runner gradually grows accustomed to race-specific efforts as they near a goal event. Find out more in this article at iRunFar.

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Recently added and updated events

Recent updates
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Date changes/corrections
- Kanuka Killer Trail Run: updated/corrected date from 2 April to 30 March as per update on event website

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