Weekly Newsletter November 9th 2016

This week's newsletter has information about recent updates to the website, interesting articles, cancellation of Menzies Mud Madness, and a date correction for next year's Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon.

Website updates
I've been working on and off for most of this year, creating a brand new system for the Running Calendar websites. This new system went live today; at the moment, you won't really notice anything has changed, apart from some minor modifications to the search form.

I will now continue working on it to create a log system to let you save events, have automated searches & alerts performed and so on. We can now also have multiple websites run off the same system, and will very shortly being populating bike, swim and triathlon websites. Your one login will work across all websites and log you into to all of them, making it a one stop shop for finding all of these event types. We'll keep you up to date as things progress, so keep watching this space!

== Interesting articles ==

Why I love athletics
Athletics New Zealand asked five of our top athletes to each give three reasons why they love the sport of athletics. A similar theme comes through but there are also some surprises in there. Check out their answers here on the Athletics NZ website.

Ankle brace helps arthritic runner keep running
When Debbie Hardy developed arthritis in her ankle, she was told to forget about running and was devastated. But a year later, the 34-year-old is training to run a half marathon thanks to a UK company that makes a device used by only a handful of others, including war veterans. Find out how in this article at the NZ Herald.

Why have I got such a sweet tooth?
Exercise nutritionist Tim Leeming looks at sugar cravings in distance runners, explaining about sugars & how bad bacteria love them, and some natural alternatives to energy bars & gels. Read his article here at the James Kueglar Coaching website.

Tips for vegetarian runners
Continuing to look at food, NZTrailRun Nutritionist Alice Sharples gives some tips for vegetarian runners in this article, talking about how it's possible to fuel yourself on no meat; how you can enhance performance; where to get your energy intake, protein and vitamins, minerals and iron.

Raw snickers bar recipe
And the third and final article about food in this week's newsletter is a raw snickers bar recipe at Women's Fitness. The photo of the end result looks delicious!

== Recently added and updated events ==

Recent updates
To find out what's been recently updated, check the website homepage regularly. I include in this newsletter a list of the more important updates (see below) such as date changes, cancellations, or late additions to the calendar. And check out the calendar page for a complete list of upcoming events.

- Menzies Mud Madness in Wyndham scheduled for November 12th has been cancelled

Date corrections
- Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon: corrected next event date from October 7th to Septeber 23rd 2017

== Until next week ==

That's all for this week; have a great running week!


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