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Information about how various site features work are below. If you are still stuck and not sure how something works, send us an email.

Logging in and membership

Following pages, flagging which events you are going to, and saving searches all need you to log in first. There's no need to remember yet another password with our site - just login using one of the services on the login page. If you select a social media service such as Facebook or Twitter, be assured nothing will get posted to your account.

We have two websites: one for New Zealand and one for Australia. If you log into one of the sites, you are logged into both versions of the site at the same time, and the events and pages you are following, and your saved searches etc are available whichever country version of the website you are on.

Saved Searches

When you search for events, there is a "Save This Search" button at the top and bottom of the search results. Click it, enter a name and then save the search. You can then return to the "Saved Searches" section of your profile to see the list of searches where you can run the search again, rename it, or delete it.

Searches made on both the New Zealand and Australian versions of this website will appear in your saved searches list, so be sure to give them a name which reflects which country or region the search is for if you look up events in both NZ and Australia.

Premium subscribers can then choose to have email notifications sent to them when events are added that match the saved search criteria.