New Zealand Running Calendar - Events for the past month

The following list shows running and walking events throughout New Zealand for the past month. This includes marathons, ultra marathons, half marathons, 10K, 5K and more. View all future events.

Saturday, July 30th 2016
Sunday, July 31st 2016
Monday, August 1st 2016
Tuesday, August 2nd 2016
Wednesday, August 3rd 2016
Thursday, August 4th 2016
Friday, August 5th 2016
Saturday, August 6th 2016
Sunday, August 7th 2016
Tuesday, August 9th 2016
Wednesday, August 10th 2016
Saturday, August 13th 2016
Sunday, August 14th 2016
Tuesday, August 16th 2016
Wednesday, August 17th 2016
Friday, August 19th 2016
Saturday, August 20th 2016
Sunday, August 21st 2016
Tuesday, August 23rd 2016
Wednesday, August 24th 2016
Friday, August 26th 2016
Saturday, August 27th 2016
Sunday, August 28th 2016

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