Out with the old and in with the new - Mizuno Wave Harriers

Out with the old and in with the new - Mizuno Wave Harriers

I'm not much of a road runner anymore, so back in January went to Rebel Sport to buy a cheap pair of road shoes for the odd time I do run on road. I ended up buying a cheap pair of Mizuno Wave Harriers (trail shoes) because they felt so comfortable, with a nice big stretchy toe box.

I figured they were so cheap it didn't really matter if I wore them out on the roads, and I could use them for all the "urban trail running" I do around where I live, and noted on Facebook that "you know your transition from road runner to trail runner is complete when you go out to buy a cheap pair of road shoes and come home with a pair of trail shoes instead."

Almost 1100kms on these shoes later, they were well and truly worn out, as you can see from the photos above and below comparing the old shoes and the new pair I just bought.

Shoes are shoes and everyone has their own ideas and opinions on the correct pair, but these shoes are just perfect for me running on easy trails. Unfortunately they appear to have been discontinued and it took quite an effort to find a website where I could buy a replacement pair. The new pair finally arrived this week and I can now look forward to (hopefully) another 1000kms in these great shoes!

Disclaimer: you probably shouldn't run so far in any pair of shoes as it can lead to injury (around 600kms or so is usually recommended) but they worked for me, haven't caused any discomfort or injuries and I would have replaced them a little sooner if I could have found another pair in my size.

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